VM6 Case

$159.00 USD
Type: Enclosure
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VM6 Introducing the New Standard
Starting 2023 VM6 support two Neutrix hole on front cover, removing the old USB-B port for more flexibility and future proof.
We put our 12 years experiences providing a new standard for everyone. Inheriting extraordinary features from VS1R:
  • Iris Tech
  • Modular Design
  • Super Grip Anti Slip

Compact Size and Attached Handle makes it easy to carry, perfect for traveling.

Made from CNC machined 8mm (5/16") HDPE Sheet, covered with 3mm (1/8") Acrylic for a clean and beautiful finish.
Size: 375mm (15") X 235mm (9.5") X 65mm (2.5")
Weight : 2.5kg (5.5lbs) for empty case

Support all standard Fight Stick Parts:
Sanwa JLF mount
30mm Arcade buttons
Mounting for Brook PCB
Two Neutrix port holes
Antenna mount for WFB

Template VM6, use A3 paper size:
N Top layout
V Top layout

VM6 wiring manual English
VM6 wiring manual Japanese

    For WASD players.
    You can rotate the WASD 30' to left/right and for the TU module you can rotate 360'. Now you can find your most comfortable angle using "Iris Tech"

     "Iris Tech" on VM case

    Enables simple swap between Japan standard lever 24mm, Korea standard lever 35mm, and Iris WASD.

    Only can rotate WASD and TU (Lever rotation only supported on VS1R)