GL Base

$34.50 USD
Type: Base

Golden Base allow you to positioning the switch individually, so users can adjust sensitivity for each directions.

White GL base have more room for the silicone to flex for smooth operation. Good for overall setups.
Black GL base have better stability, but it will slightly add more tension. Good for low tension setups.

Switch Spacer needed to set the switch spacing, SOLD separately.
Switch spacer set include 7pcs form 15 to 17 mm (0.5 increments) "+ tilting" and "- tilting". Popular switch spacing are 15.5mm, 16mm, and 16.5mm

you can learn more from this article
Always double check your spacing and  actuator combination, make sure the actuation not bending the switch hinge/blade on full throw.

*Screws are included

When adjusting the switches you don't need to unscrew completely, because the nut inside the base can be out of place and you will need to open the base to fix it. Just make 360 rotation counter clock to loose the screw until switches can move, then it is ready for adjustment.

When fixing the screw after adjustment never do overtight, it can damage the base and makes difficult to remove the screw, just put enough tension to keep the switch in place when actuate. Some tips, tighten it using thumb and pointing finger only when holding screwdriver to reduce overtighten risk.

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