Brook Fighting Board PCB

$133.25 USD
by Brook
  1. Brook Universal Fighting Board FUSION PCB supports XBOX SERIES X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, Wii U PC, Switch,  NEOGEO mini, PS Classic and MD mini. Low-delay design give you the best game experience. The Fastest PCB on the market, get frames advantage over your rival.
  2. Brook PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus is the PCB which supports PS3PS4, and PC. Within this fighting Board, you will have the best experiences of playing all kinds of fighting games. Support play PS4 Games on PS5! Support UP5 to enhance compatibility with PS5
  3. Brook Wireless Fighting Board the only wireless PCB on the market, also support wired connection. Compatible with PS4 / PS3 / SW / PC(X-Input), Support tournament mode, Support play PS4 Games on PS5!

Brook UP5 is the upgrade kit for the Brook PCB. It makes Brook Fighting Board compatible PlayStation®5!, currently support this model:
Brook Universal Fighting Board (black)
Brook Fighting Board Plus (green)
Brook Fighting Board Audio (blue)