Golden Actuator

$5.95 USD
Type: Actuator

Change the actuator size to adjust sensitivity.

When operating Golden Lever, the actuator hitting switches to makes input. Using bigger actuator size, the distance needed to click the switches are reduced, creating more sensitive setup. While using smaller actuator the distance needed to register inputs are wider, Users can try different size and find the best sensitivity for their play style.

Made from Brass, it is heavy and stronger than plastic. Metal to metal contact need lubrication, we recommend to do periodic maintenance to clean and apply grease on the actuator surface every month or whenever you feel friction on actuation.

    Actuator size have correlation to the shaft size, smaller shaft have more throw that will help actuator reaching the switches further, and vice versa. Setups that are too sensitive have risk of accidental unwanted inputs,

    Be careful when using bigger size actuator and smaller shaft combination, the actuator can reach beyond the switch max travel and bend the switches hinge permanently.