Iris WASD pro

$47.75 USD
Type: Iris

WASD Pro for Iris Tech compatible case (VS1R, VM6, VB1, and others).

The WASD Pro Layout have innovative wide Up key (with stabilizer) that makes Down+Up can be pressed together. This module use Kailh CHOC and supporting hotswap.

Iris tech enable WASD for rotation, so you can adjust it to the most comfortable angle for your posture.

Recommended to install the Support plate (included) under the iris to hold the M4 nut in place.

Important to Install Spacers (for VS1R/VM6/VB1 included) between WASD Pro and Support plate to make the installation strong and avoid damage during traveling.
(For VM6R use VB1 spacer)

Same as regular Iris WASD, Pro model also using standard 5-pin Lever Cable (sanwa JLF cable) to connect.