GL Bushing and Ring

GL Bushing and Ring

GL Bushing and Ring

Thank you all for the feedback and support, here is the benefit of using new Bushing+Ring:

  • Reduce actuator axial friction.
  • Solved issue Bearing Actuator jammed by E-clip.
  • More consistent actuation.

So, by adding a Ring on the Bearing Actuator, this can help to prevent the e-clip from jamming the bearing in few cases, and it also make the Bearing Actuator sit shorter.


We adjust the actuator to be mount right at the middle of the switch. so it can actuate at the switch blade/hinge face, not at the edge of the switch hinge. This will greatly reduce axial friction when actuating also gives more consistent actuation.

when the actuator is higher than the switch blade, it will actuate the switch at the edge of the switch hinge, and this can create friction since some switches have sharp edges, and the stronger tension switch can make it worst. Many times this friction can cause noise (metal vs metal) and make the movement of the lever not smooth since you can feel the friction. To reduce the Friction, please do regular cleaning and lubrication is needed for metal actuator.

Because the actuator is lowered, the radius of the pivoting area also reduce, so we can compensate it using bigger actuator or closer switch spacing. I find 0.5mm bigger actuator is enough to compensate it (for standart GL 15.5mm switch spacing, we can use 16mm Golden Bearing) or if you want to get the perfect actuation distance to your preference, you can always adjust the switch spacing manually.

in 2019, wazwuz travel to some TWT event and meet many GL user and pro player, we find many of pro player prefer lightweight actuator. so we decide to add new material for the GL bushing and ring and named it silver bushing, aluminium is light and strong, perfect for this application.

Now since we have solved the Radial and Axial friction issue of actuation, please enjoy Smooth Movement of Golden Lever. Thank you for supporting, we will keep improving.