GL Bushing Ring

$5.75 USD
Type: Actuator

Choose the weight for the Bearing Actuator.

  • Golden Bushing made from Brass. Weight around 9 grams perfect for you who prefer heavy actuator.
  • Silver Bushing made from Aluminium. Weight around 3 grams, it is light and durable.
  • White Bushing made from Plastic. Weight around 1 gram, put no additional weight to the actuator and plastic is maintenance free.

Standard size is 14.5mm, and using different size will gave different feels when the bushing hits the Base bottom hole.

Bushing and Ring are needed to only to install bearing actuator. you can learn more from this article.

Because it puts the point of contact lower than generic actuator, you will need to compensate using slightly bigger actuator compare to generic actuator.

Golden and Silver Bushing will make metal to metal contact to the spring, better if you put some lube on the contact area to reduce friction when the shaft spins.