CardiMod WASD

$32.50 USD
Simple and easy solution for WASD layout on your existing Fight Stick. No tools and skill required, everyone can do it.

Installation Video :

CardiMod WASD Features:

  • Cherry switch Speed Silver. Support Hot-Swap, swap it easily anytime.
  • Support Artwork. Template for Artwork
  • Attach "ThumbUp" extension as space key, complete with stabilizers.

CardiMod support any fight stick in the market that have 5pins connector

To connect on 8Pin Joystick like Qanba Drone and Korean Lever, you can use this conversion harness.

The sticky pad will weaker every time removed and got contact with dust, when it no longer can stick properly, you can replace it with the new one (sold separately).

Victrix and Qanba Crystal cable is too short to reach the lever hole, you will need an Extension Harness to make it work.  

SOCD cleaner is not Included, you can use any SOCD solution in the market or use Controller with SOCD build in PCB (Qanba).