CardiMod Thumb Up

$27.50 USD
Type: CardiMod

Many user use space key on keyboard for Jump button, so we try to bring the same experience on your fight stick. Thumb Up Module will connect to the WASD module and bind to the Up key.

CardiMod+ Thumb Up Features:

  • Simple and easy to install, stick it to any position which best for your hand.
  • Cherry switch Speed Silver with Stabilizers, Support Hot-Swap.
  • Additional Plate to cover WASD top key, in case tournament not allowing double bind key.

Connection to WASD module using JST PH 2pin cable, it is standard and easy to get when you need replacement.

The sticky pad will weaker every time removed and got contact with dust, when it no longer can stick properly, you can replace it with the new one (sold separately).