Golden Fanta Stick (September 2024)

$137.75 USD
Type: Lever

Golden Fanta Stick (September 2024) - Full Collar is in production and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

"Legend Never Die"

Back in stock in September 2024.

This Lever setup was inspired by the famous Green Arcade in South Korea, the setup was created for Tekken and born many world class Tekken champions. Unfortunately like many arcade center they have to close the operation and their lever become Legend in Tekken community.

Many people are curious and wanted to try how Green Lever feels although it is not an easy setup to use. We studied the Green Lever setup and try to create a Setup that have the same profile but easier to use so everyone can enjoy it.

 Full Collar needs 35mm lever Hole!

This setup using Metal actuator, to reduce friction we already apply some lubrication on the Actuator, but it is good idea to do cleaning and re-lube it periodically using Metal Lubricant.

Installation Tutorial

FantaStick Manual

This Setup have advantages for Mishimas execution in Tekken, and considered as good Mishima Setup.

Maintenance is important, it will keep your tools at the best performance and helps detect potential issues. Do some cleaning and lubricating especially the Metal Actuator when you have free time, for professionals we recommend doing maintenance every month.