GL Collar Combination

$17.50 USD
Type: Collar

We noticed that most Fighting Games execution focuses on middle and lower half input (1,2,3,4,5,6), while upper half (7, 8, 9) only for jump and side step input. Combination collar answered this by providing various lower half shape, and at the same time suppressed the "up" direction for faster and easier inputs.

For more information about GL collar combination, you can read from this article.

Suppressed collar shorten the throw for Up direction, when you find it doesn't have enough throw for the actuator hitting the Up switch, you can adjust the spacing for Up switch closer to center, so the actuator can hit it easily.

SS collar is symmetrical, so you can rotate it and choose which side will have shorter throw.

Coming soon Squircle collar and more SS collar variations, prototypes are in testing now.