GL Top Handle

$32.50 USD
Type: Handle
Body Color
Ring Color

Handle is the "Face" of the lever, and beautiful handles are easy to enjoy by everyone. The Metal belt are permanently inlay so it will stay forever.

Handle also function as interface from the user to the lever, it need to be smooth and pleasing to touch, we put extra effort to hand polish every handle we made.

Capsule and Bean shapes are our original research and design, we tried to find the perfect combination of Ball and Bat shape.
Capsule is better for users who grip handle like Bat style.
Bean is better for users who grip handle like Ball style.

Hollow handle have less weight, resulting less inertia. Perfect for low tension setup.

Since the Inlay are real metals, you can use our laser engraving service to put your gamer tag on it. it will be truly yours.