Golden Lever (September 2024)

$132.50 USD
Type: Lever
GL Base Type

Golden Lever (September 2024) - Standard Korea Setup / Fixed Spacing is in production and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

"The best lever is the one configured to your preferences"
Back in stock in September 2024.

Golden Lever and parts work as a system, you can get millions of combinations to build your own setup that is perfect for your play-style.

We need a starting point for our journey in lever modding and tuning, so we provide different GL setups for you.

Fixed Spacing using GL Fixed Base with 15.5mm spacing, installation is more simple without Switch Spacer needed. Good for competitive players.

Variable Spacing use GL Variable Base that can be configured from 15-17mm switch spacing, with Switch Spacer included. Good for advance tuners.

Golden Lever can be installed on most Fight stick in the market without modification, such as Panthera, Omni, TE2, Hori RAP-RAPN, Hori Alpha, Fighting Edge, VLX, Obsidian, Dragon, Victrix, Daija, Razer Evo.

Full Korea Setup needs 35mm lever hole!

Conversion cable is included in the package.

Installation Tutorial

Golden Lever Manual

To build your own perfect setup:
1. You need to understand your preference first, try different parts and combinations so you know what you like and which works for you.
2. Adjust the lever towards your preference, learn how to swap parts (mod) and adjust it to your play style (tuning). If this is your first time, you can ask advice from more experienced lever tuners.

Maintenance is important, it will keep your tools at the best performance and helps detect potential issues. Do some cleaning and lubricating (if needed) when you have free time, for professionals we recommend doing it every month.