Golden Shaft

$8.75 USD
Type: Shaft

Change the shaft size to adjust how far you can move the handle.

Collar limits how far the shaft can travel, using bigger shaft will reduce the space between shaft and collar, resulting shorter max throw. While smaller shaft will have longer throw.

Changing the shaft size also change how far the actuator hitting the switches, when your input become hit or miss, consider to adjust the switch spacing or actuator size. For most setup, the ideal max throw distance is about twice from neutral to the switch click.

    Medium dustwasher and E-clip Included for every shaft purchase.
    This shaft have 6mm thread, compatible with Sanwa battop and balltop.

      Made from Brass, be careful it might snap when stressed over normal usage (drop the stick). If you want the strongest shaft we suggest to use Silver Shaft.
      Issue about snapping Golden Shaft only occur on "bad batch" in Mid October 2018, before and after it are good. TWT and EVO 2018 was won using brass shaft.