$147.50 USD


Compact Leverless controller with All Buttons Style. Powered by GP2040-CE makes it very versatile yet affordable.

PC Xinput, PS3, Switch.
OLED Display.
Hot Swap MX switch.
Easy to Swap RP2040.
Tournament Lock Switch.
RGB lightning on all buttons.
USB port for PS4/5 and XboX/S Authentication.
Wrists Cushion.
Anti Slip pad.

Spec :
Switch : Kailh Silver Turbo
Size : 275mm(10.75") X 195mm (7.5") X 30mm (1.25")
Weight : 1.1kg (24lbs)

Links :
Brook Wingman for PS4/PS5/XboXS Authentication.
LVL Artwork Template
RP2040 PCB for LVL
Button Caps
Key Caps
LVL Foam Pad/Cushion

Use FN+Left to switch profile 1 (ABC style) and profile 2 (WASD style)

Easy to Swap RP2040

Opening new possibilities by swapping different PCB with different settings, user can swap setups fast and easy.
From just cosmetic customization to specific optimization.