GL Silicone

$6.45 USD
Type: Pivot

Change the silicone to adjust the lever tension.

Higher hardness rating (0-100 scale) gives more tension, lower rating for less tension. Find the most comfortable tension for your hand and the best for your lever setup.

Generic (A design) have equal tension all around, this is the standards for many decades.
Dual Tension (X design) are our innovation to create different tension between cardinal and diagonal. By reducing material on diagonals it creates less tension. Overall the X design have lower tension compare to A design.

We QC every silicone one by one and hardness rating measured using KORI calibrated Durometer, all readings +-2 shore A.

    After using for long time, you might feel less tension than usual. This is normal because your hand muscle adapt to it and the silicone performance degrades overtime. It is recommended to replace the silicone once a year or whenever you feel necessary.

    When swapping to the new silicone (even the same rating), You will need few days to adapt. Every silicone have slightly variations and need time to “break in”.