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ALU Shaft

ALU Shaft

ALU Shaft

There are many user who curious and ask for lighter shaft weight, so we try to provide shaft made from Aluminium and anodize it in Gold.

We use the silver shaft design which have wider flange at the middle that have better support and stability. This feature is possible since we use bigger rod material, for more information about this feature please read Silver Shaft blog post.

Compare to Silver Shaft which use Stainless Steel material (density around 7.8g/cm3), ALU shaft density is less than 3g/cm3, so the ALU shaft weigh is less than half of Silver Shaft. But of course SS also much stronger compare to ALU.

At first 10mm shaft was enough for short throw in Korean setup, but since many Japanese players using GL with Japan Setup, they explore various setup especially for short throw and ask for bigger shaft size, so we provide bigger shaft up to 12mm. For Shaft that have size bigger than 10mm (Big Shaft) we will provide it with 2 variant:

1. Normal model for Battop handle, this model have straight surface so the Balltop user who grip their finger to the shaft will feels more comfortable.

2. Step model for Battop handle, the Battop handle was design for 10mm shaft and has 10mm recess so it is necessary to make step surface to keep it compatible. We will use "S" after shaft size to refer this Step model, for Example  "ALU shaft 11.5mm S".

This two Variant "Normal and Step model" also implemented to the Big Silver Shaft.

Since early 2021 production, we make a revision for Battop handle (all model) to have bigger recess 12mm (left Battop) to support Big Shaft normal model.

So please check your Battop handle to decide which big shaft model compatible for it.