Black GL Base

Black GL Base

Black GL Base

Golden Lever Base is like a mother of the lever, it holds all parts together. And the Rubber/Silicone tension is the soul of the lever, it gave characteristic to the lever.

We don't want to compress the silicone on it's neutral state, we want to keep it relax and free from tension on its neutral. So we find ways to make variation without changing this concept and only change how the user feels tension when operating the lever.

There are 3 things that we change to give different feels for this Black Base.

1. We make the hole under the silicone smaller, from 35mm on White Base to 30mm on Black Base. Smaller holes makes Black Base have wider area to support the silicone, it can reduce bouncing but will add more tension compare to white base.

2. Add 4 corner pins to hold silicone in place under heavy load. This feature make the Black Base only accept GL Silicone, silicone from other manufacturer won't be compatible.

3. Groove on the corners will make room for the silicone when compressed, the purpose is to reduce tension at corners. When doing diagonal input we actuate 2 switches at a time and the tension from the switch X2, we hope this groove can help to make balance tension for cardinal and diagonals.

Of course we keep the Variable Switch Spacing feature, but this time the switch spacer set is sold separately. So for user who already have switch spacer set you doesn't need to buy it again. Or if you need spare Switch Spacer set you can buy it again.

Black Base is not superior compare to White Base, yes it have more feature and positive feedback from tester, but it all comes to your preference. Overall Black Base will add more tension, please consider to use lower silicone tension to compensate it.