Updated Golden Core

Delrin Core with O-ring

Delrin Core with O-ring

"There are always room for improvement"

After a while using Golden Lever, Yuu sensei ask me if there is a way to make the Shaft/Battop not to be easily spin. At first my solution is simply giving special harder spring, it does pull the shaft with more tension and make the shaft harder to spin, but it also create more friction from the shaft to the core due to super hard spring.

As I said before, I got idea for the spring on Delrin Core from Anti Backlash Nut method usually found at linear motion in industrial machine. Spring on Delrin Core function is to control Axial/Vertical clearance between the shaft-core-actuator, so it can help to reduce hollow and wobble feeling. It was success and many user love it.

Couple month ago when fixing hydraulic sealing system, I got another idea to put O-Ring inside the Delrin Core, the purpose it to control Radial/Horizontal clearance between the shaft and the core. Having both axial and radial clearance controlled will complete our goal to provide more responsive feel when moving the lever. Turns out, having the O-Ring also have extra function to grip the shaft, and this perfectly complete Yamasa Yuu request.

Couple days ago, I got feedback from Yuu the he really love this update. So I decide to update the next Delrin Core with O-ring inside, I will also include the spare O-ring incase you need replacement. This new updated core will be ready in stock around early September 2019.