New Golden Lever

New Golden Lever

New Golden Lever

Good Lever need Good Fight Stick

Golden Lever getting more popular, and many user installing it in various Fight Stick. Unfortunately some of the New Fight Stick is not compatible with GL. We noticed Victrix FS, Nacon Daija, Razer EVO can't mount GL without modification.

So as we all know, every person have their own preference, Including Fight Stick. Every player have their fav fight stick and we want to make GL compatible for most Competitive Fight Stick in the market.

So we decided to redesign the Golden Lever to enhance its compatibility. First we trim down the Golden Base outer dimension without sacrificing the feature (custom switch spacing and Noir cabinet mounting). 

Then we redesign the Golden Plate to match the slimmer Golden Base. Adding some hole to match the JLF Plate holes, this holes is needed for Daija. We also make some improvement by adding countersink to make the lever sit flush in the Fight Stick. this is crucial for the Victrix because the space is very slim.

Last, we make the collar slimmer because in Razer EVO there is a small screw in dust cover/washer area, and this screw will hit the previous collar design.

Finally, with this 3 parts revised we can mount the New GL into most Competitive Fight Stick in the market (mini fight stick still not suported due to the thickness)

Then we include performance upgrade. Now GL will use Core with O-ring, and Golden Bearing. we choose 15.5mm Golden Bearing since it was the most fav size from the tester, and we set the switch spacing to 15.5-16mm on the golden base. We also make some small adjustment to other golden parts.

The New Golden Lever scheduled for the end of September 2019. thank you so much for the support, we will work hard to improve Golden Lever.

We want to maker Golden Lever not only Good, but also Pretty. We still have awesome thing to share with you, please wait ;)