VB1 Case

$299.50 USD
Type: Enclosure
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Ultimate All Buttons Controller

All Buttons Controller became a trend in the last decade, and VB1 is specifically design for leverles controller (lever not supported). Using Arcade Buttons as Move Buttons enable players to be more consistent inputting directions, we calculate the buttons layout precisely and position can be adjusted to the most comfortable position for every user, "Move Button plates" and "Thumb Button plates" are included.

We put "Iris tech" on VB1 to enable users install Iris WASD or iris WASD pro and rotate it to the most comfortable position.

By default Jump input are using 30mm buttons, Iris Thumb Up and Thumb Up pro also supported on VB1 by swapping to the Thumb Cover TU (available separately). Same as other Vcase, TU on VB1 also support rotation so users can find the perfect orientation.

Yes, WASD and Move Button can be installed together on VB1, and using innovative "movement switcher" we develop for VB1 (included), it lets users to switch between movement control anytime even in match.


  • Metal pillars construction.
  • Easy to remove bottom panel.
  • Build in Neutrix hole.
  • Side metal handle.
  • Anti slip rubber.

Materials : Pillars made from CNC machined Solid Aluminium. Panels made from CNC machined 6mm (1/4") POM (polyacetal) Sheet, and covered with 3mm (1/8") Laser cut Acrylic.
Dimension : 340mm (13.5") X 235mm (9.25") X 50mm (2").
Weight : 2.75kg (6lbs).

Parts Supported:

  • 24mm Arcade buttons for Action buttons, Move buttons "Left, Right, Down", and Service buttons (home, select, start).
  • 30mm Arcade buttons only for "UP".
  • Brook PCB compatible.
  • Brook Fighting Board Cable.
  • Neutrix compatible port (we recommend CQD connector).

VB1  Covers (use Clear for Artwork)
VB1 Artwork Template

For Move Button players.
You can Flip the "move button covers" to makes it rotate opposite direction.

For WASD players.
You can rotate the WASD 30' to left/right.

Handle also can be removed or installed on the other side if users prefer it.